American Green Lights: The Energy Efficient Lighting Experts

American Green Lights supplies municipalities, utility companies, large industrial, and commercial customers with the latest, most cost effective energy efficient lighting products.  We are not tied to one technology, but match the right technology to the problem. 

Our founders have traveled extensively throughout the USA and Asia seeking the latest Induction and LED products.  We have personally visited and evaluated over 400 factories and suppliers, and chosen less than one dozen to work with.

We keep up with the latest technological developments within the industry and test products for integirry, quality, performance, and lifetime.

Company Profile

American Green Lights was formed to offer practical solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reduce carbon footprint, and reduce wasted energy. We focus on providing real-life, easily implemented solutions with a dramatically positive impact on our customer's bottom line and significant environmental impact. We differentiate between hot topics and fads vs. truly implementable solutions. We monitor developments in technology and study the economics of change. We don't make recommendations for solutions that provide environmental benefit unless they also contribute significantly to our client's bottom line. 


 American Green Lights partners with the world's leading innovators and manufacturers in providing energy efficient lighting technologies. Our manufacturing facilities are world class ISO certified factories with strict quality control procedures and practices. Products and technology partners include leaders in the fields of:

  • Solar power and lighting technologies
  • LED lighting technologies
  • Induction lighting technologies
  • Plasma lighting technologies
  • Battery and portable power technologies
  • Alternative Power Generation

We also partner with leading thought influencers with experience and expertise in serving our major target industries, who are large consumers of energy, including:

  • Airports, Railways, and Transportation Centers
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Municipalities and Local Government Agencies
  • Mall Owners and Commercial Property Managers
  • Public and Private Utilities
  • Transportation Departments
  • Retailers and Real Estate Developers
  • Factories, Refineries, and Power Plants
  • and more...

Our goal is to lead the charge for large-scale implementation of energy efficient lighting technology and carbon footprint reduction. 

Being "Green" is a hot topic today. Many companies, politicians, and high profile individuals have taken the stage in promoting ideologies such as "save the planet", "stop global warming", and reducing the "Carbon Footprint". Many of these lofty goals and campaigns generally end up exciting hoards of people, with little true results. American Green Lights moves our clients beyond rhetoric to action.

American Green provides cost-effective and performance-effective solutions for energy reduction. American Green brings "best in class" and "state-of-the-art" energy efficient lighting technologies to large scale users of electrical lighting products. Lights represent more than 50% of energy consumption by most businesses and most of the lights used today are extremely inefficient. Large scale users can save 30-50% of their total electricity costs by switching to energy efficient lights.

The result is true energy savings, true cost reduction, and true reduction of carbon emissions and carbon footprint.